Price Match Guarantee

Dear Potential Customers:

Purchasing a swimming pool is a big home improvement decision.  For this reason, Pleasure Pools would like to share a little information with you about the swimming pool business.

Did you know that the State of Tennessee requires a license to install swimming pools?  The problem, however, is that it is often more about the money than concern for the consumer.  Allow me to explain.

There are two licenses a contractor can obtain that legally permits him to be in the swimming pool business.  The first is a “Home Improvement License.” A “Home Improvement License” allows a contractor to write a contract with a homeowner for an amount up to $25,000.00.  To get this license, the State of Tennessee requires that the contractor provide a $10,000.00 bond and submit a $250.00 fee to the State of Tennessee, along with the license application.  That’s it.  Since every tool required to install a swimming pool can be rented, going into the swimming pool business is about as easy as setting up a mechanic shop out behind your house - hence the term, “Shade Tree Mechanic.”  This person does not need any assets or financial stability to stand behind his work.  If just one job goes wrong, he is often out of business.  Remember warranties are only as good as the one giving the warranty.

The second license is the “Contractor’s License.”  This license requires a little more work, which includes taking a written exam.  To obtain this license, the contractor needs a reviewed financial statement to be done by a Certified Public Accountant.  The state then uses this reviewed financial statement to determine the financial strength of the contractor and just how large of a contract they will be allowed to write.  The contractor must also prove that they have purchased workman’s compensation and general liability insurance policies. Once obtained, the "Contractor's License" allows a contractor to write a contract for a swimming pool based on the amount of cash they have in the bank.  His "Contractor's License" must appear on his contract.

Just one last piece of information….

While the “Contractor’s License” is the only license that allows a contractor to sell a pool over $25,000.00, it is still not a 100% fool-proof guarantee that there will be no issues.  The problem is that the written exam DOES NOT have one single question on it about building a swimming pool.  It is all about business practices, Tennessee law concerning contracts, and financial terms, such as “cash or accrual accounting.”

If your county does not require a permit to build a swimming pool, none of these requirements can hinder someone from being able to claim that they are a swimming pool contractor; unless, of course, the contractor gets caught breaking the law.

So, if the State requirements can’t weed out the real swimming pool contractors from the novice with a shovel, how can you know whom to trust?  Two excellent ways to find a reliable contractor are to check with the local Better Business Bureau or to ask someone who already has a pool where they purchased their pool, who installed it, and if they would buy another from that contractor. 

This is exactly why we have our "Customer Comments" section.  This allows you a glimpse into our customers’ opinions of Pleasure Pools™, just in case you don’t know of anyone who has one of our swimming pools.  Every letter we have ever received is listed in our customer comment section.  We have not culled out any bad reviews!

Pleasure Pools™ was started by my father in 1959.  Since then, Pleasure Pools™ has sold over 12,000 pools in 28 states, from Michigan to Alabama.  Most of these pools were either built by his local installation crews or sold to dealers he helped get started in the swimming pool business.

In 1985, Pleasure Pools™ opened up a company owned, retail operation in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with Dick Hutchinson as the local sales person.

In 2010, my wife and I moved to Portland, Tennessee and established our own swimming pool company, Pleasure Pools™ by Pool Kits USA LLC, for the purpose of providing unsurpassed customer service for all previously installed Pleasure Pools™ and selling and installing new inground swimming pools in the State of Tennessee.  This is where we plan to retire.  We are pleased that Dick Hutchinson agreed to bring his years of experience to our company and continues to sell Pleasure Pools for us.

Pleasure Pools™ takes pride in offering the best pool available at the best possible price.   That is why we offer our price match guarantee.  Because of our commitment to excellence and our pledge to abide by state safety and licensing regulations, we can only guarantee that we will match another contractor’s price if the following conditions are met. 

Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee to meet or beat any competitor’s bid under the following conditions.

 1.   The contractor has a current State of Tennessee “Contractor’s License.”

 2.   The contractor has a General Liability policy of at least $500,000.

 3.   The contractor pays workers’ compensation insurance.

 4.   The contractor uses no illegal workers.

 5.   The contractor does not pay workers’ wages in cash, including all payments to

       concrete finishers or subcontractors.

 6.   Your current bid includes brand name equipment such as, Hayward, Sta-Rite,

       Pentair, S.R. Smith, & Interfab.

 7.   Pleasure Pools is shown a copy of the current bid to verify the comparison


 8.   The contractor uses Vermiculite for the pool bottom and not a sand or

       sand/cement mix.

 9.   The contractor backfills the panels with gravel to allow for good drainage and


10.   The contractor uses pillars to support any deck that requires more than 18” of


If you allow Pleasure Pools the opportunity to quote your swimming pool project, and we cannot beat your current bid, and the contractor meets the above mentioned criteria, we will give you a gift certificate to Demos’ Restaurant for dinner as a thank you for your time.  ($25.00 value)